Rice varieties indigenous to Sri Lanka

In ancient times, long before the introduction of hybrids rice varieties, over 400 different varieties of rice is said to have been grown all over Sri Lanka.

At present, only a few strains of rice is widely grown and the majority of them are fertilizer dependent hybrids.

A few rice varieties that are cultivated on a very limited basis include;

Kalu Heenati A red rice with dark, fine grains
Murungakayan A type of red rice with a high nutritional value
Kuruwee A type of red rice with small grains
Gonabaru A very rare variety of red rice that was the staple diet of both peasants and kings in ancient times
Dhikwee A soft and wholesome red rice
Suwandel A rare fragrant type of white rice

(Information courtesy, www.ulpotha.com)

At present, the following types are the most popular cultivations in Sri Lanka;

  • Samba
  • Keeri Samba
  • Red Nadu
  • Red Samba
  • Nadu Rice